Industrial Textile Solutions

Products & Applications

Acme Mills supplies an extensive product line of woven, non-woven, hydro-entangled, spacer, needle-punched, and stitch-, thermal-, flat-, and point-bond fabrics for use in FRP, Industrial Equipment, Medical, Military and Packaging applications.

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

Specialized wovens available

Industrial Equipment

Seating – suspension systems – see Dymetrol®

Sound deadeners

Cargo netting & webbing

Carpet substrates


Non-woven fabrics for production of gowns, scrub attire, face masks, shoe covers & caps


Acme Mills is proud to meet many government and military specifications for fabrics, textiles, materials and related assemblies. Military gear, military shelters, military vehicles, military vessels

Seating – suspension systems – see Dymetrol®


Spacer fabrics

Wovens & non-wovens – including woven bags

Re-usable, returnable product protection – dunnage

High-end product packaging solution – see our high-quality packaging case study

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