DynaKnit – Warp and Circular Knits

DynaKnit-WPX – Warp Knits
DynaKnit-CRX – Circular Knits

Acme Mills offers both warp DynaKnit-WPX and circular DynaKnit-CRX knits to meet whatever your application is. We produce our knitted fabrics in Nylon and Polyester. With a wide range of breathability and flexibility, we offer solid knits that are completely stable or knits with a great deal of stretch in width, length or bias.

The potential variability in solid knit fabric design allows for an enormous range of products to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Our solid knits might be in your car seats, orthopedic devices, office furniture, running shoes, etc. Our creativity with solid knit is closely linked to our customers’ imagination. Our textile specialists consult and partner with every customer. We remain connected until we’ve created the precise fabric you want.

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