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PVC Vinyl Coated Suspension Fabric for Seating

ComfortSpan VX suspension fabric is the newest addition to the ComfortSpan® line of products by Acme Mills. Its “A-Surface” is comprised of a textured, colored PVC material that can be designed and manufactured to simulate any Vinyl or “faux leather” application. The substrate is a Dymetrol® suspension fabric that has unparalleled comfort, durability and designability. It is a completelty unique product from the standpoint, it’s infinitely configurable. Any texture or color that you could put on PVC, you can put on VX.

ComfortSpan™ products have been the gold standard for automotive seating suspensions for nearly 20 years. But did you know that they have been integrated into hundreds of other applications as well?

Our products hold critical advantages over every other suspension material as evidenced by our customer’s recent successes.

Commercial upholstery fabric swatch from ComfortSpan-VX line.

Product Specification

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION ComfortSpan VXPVC coated Dymetrol® fabric
Total WeightOzs/54″ASTM D75132.25+/- 1.537.2
Ozs/yd2ASTM D75121.5+/- 1.0  
Total ThicknessMilsASTM D751


Using Mitutoyo 2416

40+/- 4.040
WidthInchFed Std 191A-5020542



Adhesion of CoatingPounds/inchASTM D751W. 3.0 minimum


F. 3.0 minimum




Abrasion ResistanceCyclesWyzenbeek


500,000 rubs, #8 Duck

No significant wear


30,000 no film

Weather ResistanceHrsASTM G153-00a


Cycle 1, 150 hrs

(formerly G23-99)



No significant color change or stiffening

Blocking ResistanceFed Std 191A 5872Scale rating 2 maxPass 
BacterialAATCC-147 See Product Guide for detailsPass  
Mildew ResistanceASTM G-21-96Pass  
Cold Resistance0FFed Std 191A 5874Pass -25Pass
Crocking ResistanceFed Std 191A 5651Rating of good both wet and dry  
Flame ResistanceFMVSS-302


California 117, Sect E

BIFMA Class A, UFAC Class 1,NFPA 260A

May comply with IMO A.652 when tested with suitable components

May comply with Cal 133 when tested with suitable components


PropertyUnitsMethodTypical Result Results

Typical 1 (average) values for ComfortSpan VXPVC coated Dymetrol® fabric
Tensile StrengthPoundsASTM D751W. 95.0


F. 75.0

 W. 200+


F. 200+

Single Tear StrengthPoundsFed Std 191A-5134W. 11.0


F. 11.0

 W. 26.4


F. 27.8

Trapezoid Tear StrengthPoundsASTM D1117W. 24.0


F. 26.0

 W. 38.9


F. 33.6

Stretch Under Load%SAE J855W. 20.0


F. 114.0

 W. 2.08


F. 8.33

Permanent Set%SAE J855W. 3.5


F. 18.0

 W. 2.08


F. 2.08

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