Filter Roll Media

Coolant Filter Media

Non-woven material is outstanding for coolant filtration applications because of its unusually high wet strength, lightweight, good chemical resistance, and low cost. Great Lakes Filters pioneered the use of non-woven fabrics for coolant filtration and we have the technical expertise to choose the right fabrics for your application. We specialize in non-wovens for coolant filtration and offer a complete range of densities in cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers in an assortment of roll widths and lengths. Our offerings include all types of standard put-ups, special widths, and roll lengths.

With our in-house slitting and rewinding equipment, we can make fast deliveries of any grade or quantity. We can supply Nylon, Spunbond Polypropylene, Spunbond Polyester, Rayon, and other non-wovens in rolls, sheets, circles, bags, or any other die-cut shape or form that you require.

Cooking Oil Filter Media: Food Processing

Filtration systems for hot cooking oil reduce sediment build-up and the breaking down of the oil. Ask about our Neu-Oil filter media in your food processing facilities. Oil can be expensive, and preserving oil as much as possible is critical for reducing maintenance costs and ensuring end product quality. Great Lakes Filter has a variety of filter media for hot oil applications like: nut roasting, potato chip frying, extruded fried snacks, fried chicken, Asian delicacies, and vegetarian/vegan substitute snacks. Call us today to improve your food processing plant’s hot cooking oil life and reduce your filter media spend today.

Economic, Good strength, good chemical compatibility Oleophilic. Used in pressure and vacuum coolant filtration systems.

Economic, Good strength, good chemical compatibility Oleophobic. Used in pressure and vacuum coolant filtration systems.

Superior Strength and Chemical compatibility Oleophilic. Used in unique processes with very high heat or harsh chemicals.

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