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Acme Mills seating solutions are lightweight, recyclable, and promote longstanding quality. Our award-winning innovative seating system, Dymetrol®, is an unmatched option for RV and camper seating.

The lightweight fabric provides supreme comfort, space savings, durability, and design flexibility.


Key Advantages

Seating – suspension systems – see Dymetrol®

Seat surfaces

Back and under lining

Carpet substrate

Trim applique

Sound deadeners

Storage compartment textiles

Audio – speaker grilles

Cargo netting

Weight savings due to the possible reduction of foam

Space savings due to thin / sculpted design capability

Cost reductions due to reduced quantities of parts


Available as an option with a flame-retardant finish

Adaptation for automated installation process

No accompanying noises such as squeaks & rattles

Dymetrol® is an ideal option for RV and camper seating. Its lightweight and comfortable seating support provides unmatched comfortability for long hours in the same place over thousands of miles.

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