Liberty is a spunbond polypropylene fabric capped with polypropylene staple fiber which is needled into the spunbond.

It is manufactured by a unique process in which continuous filaments of polypropylene are spun and then immediately formed into a multi-directional arranged web that is heat-bonded at filament crossover points.  Liberty™ spunbond polypropylene textiles are harmless to your health and do not pollute the environment, neither in production nor in use.  Because the Liberty™ is made of 100% polypropylene, with no binders or fillers, it can be easily recycled. Custom recycling programs can be easily set up, and The Acme Group can help your company facilitate a true Zero-Landfill, use-to-reuse recycling program.

Uses for Liberty Spunbond Polypropylene

This material is an ideal foam insulator, low fuzz , dust block fabric; very good for molding into foam cushions.

Liberty Spunbond Polypropylene Features :

  • Proprietary mechanical draw  Our technology utilizes a mechanical draw process rather than air to attenuate the fibers, which results in  consistent fiber diameters and superior web uniformity. There are no binders to potentially contaminate the end product. The structure of Liberty fabrics results in uniform stress distribution.
  • Continuous filaments  Due to their continuous filament construction, Liberty fabrics are suitable for slitting and are unlikely to ravel or fray. Continuous fibers add strength as there are no short staple fibers that could separate from the fabric.
  • Oriented laydown  Our technology utilizes oscillating diffusers to deposit fibers at laydown.  This process allows for extreme uniformity and strength in both the machine and cross-machine directions.
  • Area Bonding  Rather than relying on point bonding, Liberty fabrics are area-bonded, giving them great strength and stiffness.  In addition, the fabrics have a smooth surface, making them ideal for coatings.
  • Physical properties  Wet or dry, Liberty fabrics maintain their physical properties. Permeable, they absorb less than 0.1% moisture. They are difficult to ignite as well since they tends to melt and shrink away from heat before reaching the ignition temperature. Liberty is offered in 4 to 20 denier per filament; the higher denier fabrics are stronger and stiffer.
  • Finishing  Liberty is thermally and ultrasonically sealable, and it can be slit or die-cut with a clean, tailored edge. It is available in gray, black and natural.
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