AAF 1646819-001 Replacement

Robovent Dust Collector Cartridges

Cost effective Robovent replacement filters for dust and other applications. Great Lakes Filters replaces OEM dust filter cartridges like Robovent and other top brands, providing an equivalent and affordable replacement option.

Replacement Robovent dust filter cartridges are available for:

  • Endurex Filter Housings
  • Clarion CFX Series
  • Clarion Vortex Series
  • CrossFlow Table
  • FlexPro Hi-Vac Series
  • FloorSaver Series
  • Fusion Series
  • Mobile Series
  • PFX Series
  • Plaser Series
  • PowerBoom
  • ProCube
  • Spire Series
  • Spire360 Series
  • VentBoss Series
  • Vortex Series
  • WeldCat Series
  • Vista360 Series
  • WeldPro XT Workstation

Don’t see your Robovent model number or part number? Call us, we can make it for you. Dust collector cartridges, like our replacements to Robovent dust collectors, are used in several applications like: food and beverage, powder and bulk, and general industrial manufacturing applications. Contact us today to replace your Robovent dust collector filters.

product image
SKU Product Name OEM Price
276-510-0681 ROBOVENT CF-10 D 12-POLY-C Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0698 ROBOVENT CF-18 D 12-C Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0682 ROBOVENT CF-12 D 26 Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0683 ROBOVENT CF-12 D 26-ENX Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0699 ROBOVENT CF-18 D 16 Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0700 ROBOVENT CF-18 D 16-POLY Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0689 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 26-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0684 ROBOVENT CF-12 D 36-C Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0690 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36 Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0685 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 26 Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0691 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36-C Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0701 ROBOVENT CF-22 D 12-C Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0692 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36-EC Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0702 ROBOVENT CF-22 D 36 Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0693 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36-ENX Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0686 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 26-EC Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0694 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36-ENX-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0687 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 26-ENX Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0695 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 36-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0688 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 26-ENX-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0680 ROBOVENT CF-10 D 12-POLY Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0696 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


276-510-0697 ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-SQFL Replacement ROBOVENT


This is a only a sampling of the filter products that Great Lakes Filters has to offer. Please EMAIL US or CALL US (800)-521-8565 if you do not see what you are looking for.

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