ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL Replacement

SKU: 276-510-0696

ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL Replacement


  • GLF – 276-510-0696
  • Media Type – PTFE POLYESTER
  • Direct Replacement for: ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL Replacement Filter

Great Lakes Filters 276-510-0696 equivalent for ROBOVENT replacement dust collector cartridge CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL.


  • Dust collector replacement cartridge: ROBOVENT CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL. GLF 276-510-0696
  • Material: Moisture and Abrasion resistant Pleated Spun Bond Polyester
  • Temperature Rating: 275 Degrees F

Great Lakes Filters offers replacement cartridges for most ROBOVENT. Great Lakes Filters is an ISO 16001 approved manufacturer supplying quality replacements for original dust collector manufacturers like CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL.
If you need to know more about Great Lakes Filters 276-510-0696 replacements for CF-14 D 52-ENX-SQFL ROBOVENT or would like to get in touch with us for your future industrial filtration applications, call to talk with a Filtration Sales Engineer Today

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 14 in


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