Coolant Filter Paper

Great Lakes Filters offers non-woven media, also known as filter paper, for use in a variety of applications. Materials can be converted into bags, specialty parts, and other configurations to meet any specifications or requirements. Nylon, polypropylene, polyester, rayon, cellulose, and other materials are available in 0.3 to 6 ounce weight. Non-wovens usually offer an economic and versatile alternative to woven fabrics in many applications. Contact us for an alternate material solution for your particular application.

Coolant Filter Paper rolls are generally used in gravity bed filter or vacuum coolant filter machines. Coolant Filter Paper Rolls are available in widths from 7/8″ to 104″, lengths from 10 to 5,000 linear yards. Media is also available in sheets or die-cut shapes up to 60″. Coolant filter paper applications include filtering coolant for grinding, honing, and other machining types.

We supply material suitable in OEM machines, like:

  • Henry Filter
  • Barnes Filter
  • Oberlin
  • FlowPro
  • Filtra-Systems

Types of Coolant Filter Paper

  • Thicker and stronger paper = higher filtration, but slower filtration
  • Hydrophilic (absorbs water)
  • Most popular used machine for coolant filtration
  • Check out more info about our own gravity bed filter machines

Gravity Bed Filters are more economically sound for smaller facilities, or add-on/per-station units. It uses simple gravity to filter the coolant through the cheaper media. Also known as paper bed filters, these machines operate simply, and while sometimes less efficient, they have a lower up-front cost and still get the job done for smaller shops. Sometimes both gravity and vacuum coolant filter machines are combined with magnetic filtration.

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