Airline Seating

Benefits of Acme Mills Lightweight Aerospace and Airline Seating

Airline seats continue to change and evolve as the transportation industry and the passengers needs change. The need to save weight in the aircraft has put pressure on seat designers to find new ways to create lighter seats. The newest development in airline seating is a thin profile seat that features less carbon filled foam and more compact plastic and metal parts. A seat designed with Dymetrol® is more conformative and comfortable when compared to the antiquated method of applying bulky foam onto metal seat pans.

The innovative aircraft fabric, Dymetrol®, is the award winning solution for aircraft seating. Dymetrol® offers unmatched capabilities for lightweight aircraft seating that provides supreme comfort, space savings, durability, and design flexibility.

At Acme Mills our design engineers work closely with airline seat manufacturers to create thin profile seating with increased passenger comfort, weight reduction and elimination of harmful polyurethane foam. Thin profile seats can:

  • Craft ergonomic seat designs
  • Create space savings
  • Design flexibility
  • Decreased weight
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Improve passenger comfort
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