Bonded Fabrics

Great Lakes Filters can manufacture both thermal bonded and stitch bonded fabrics for industrial needs and applications.

Thermal bond non-woven fabrics are typically made using 1.0-1.5 dpf thermally point bonded fibers. Basis weights range from 15 gsm to 200 gsm in widths up to 187″. Heavier weights are achievable but often difficult to bond. They usually have higher elongation in the CD and lower elongation in the MD, and are MD oriented but can be made more balanced by cross-lapping. These fabrics have low tear strength, especially in the MD.

Stitch bond non-woven fabrics are stable and have an appearance similar to woven textiles. Basis weights range from 65 gsm to over 300 gsm in widths up to 120″. They are MD oriented and typically made with carded 1.5 dpf staple fibers. Stitch bond fabrics have uniform appearance, good opacity and drape, and are stronger than thermal bond textiles.

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  • Thermal Bond
  • Stitch Bond
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Liquid Filtration
  • Air Filtration
  • Geo-Textiles
  • Single-Use
  • Strong
  • Good Opacity
  • Good Drape
  • Stable
  • Moldable
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