Automotive Seating Suspensions

Features of Automotive Seating Suspensions

Seating suspensions are one the innovative ways Acme Mills is helping the automotive and transportation industry evolve. For the last three decades, Acme Mills has been working with Dymetrol suspension material to create automotive seating suspensions.

The Dymetrol seating suspension spans the width of the frame and acts as a suspension for the foam; the suspension is strong enough to carry the weight of the passenger and will last longer than standard wire seating suspension. The Dymetrol seating suspension allows seat designers to reduce foam and weight from the seat design. The Dymetrol seating suspension adds comfort all while giving the seat designer flexibility and freedom to design within the necessary safety requirements.

Car with Acme Mills automotive seating suspensionsSome features of seating suspensions;

  • Foam reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Parts reduction
  • Design flexibility
  • Passes all safety requirements
  • Durability
  • Comfort

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