Furniture Suspensions

Large comfortable looking green sectional made of Comfortzone material showing

Dymetrol® Furniture Suspensions: Applications & Advantages

We provide fabrics, suspensions and other components for a wide variety of furniture applications.

Office seating

Theater seating

Lecture Hall seating

Stadium & Arena seating

Sofas and Love seats

Seat suspension systems

Acme Mills’ woven, non-woven and needle-punched fabrics are integral components in producing high quality furniture economically.


Seat surfaces





Back & under lining

The material-related advantages of Dymetrol® can also be exploited in the design of seating furniture. Dymetrol® improves the quality of foam upholstery in chair seats and backrests due to its high levels of comfort and supportive characteristics.

Dymetrol is an ergonomic suspension system for innovative furniture designs. It gives immediate recovery and ensures life-long comfort. While traditional suspension systems use high volumes of foam, Dymetrol installations reduce foam volumes and still maintain comfort.

Dymetrol Furniture Suspension Applications

Office seating



Theater seats

More – countless possibilities

Key Advantages

Weight savings

Cost reductions due to fewer quantities of parts


Available with flame-retardant finish

Easily adaptable for automated installations

No squeaks or rattles

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