Sustainable Filtration Solutions for Industry

Filpaco offers widest selection of regular and High Wet Strength grades of filter paper and pulp based materials. As a member of the Acme Group we have over 100 years of successful specialty applications. Contact a filtration engineer for the optimal filtration media for your unique application.

Lint-free grades, FDA grades, and non-wovens in addition to standard grades and pads for pharmaceutical, beverage, cooking oil, wine, whiskey, syrups, industrial oils, and many other applications where product clarity is a major concern. We also die-cut and slit rolls to whatever shape your application requires.

Filpaco Products

Hot Oil Food Filtration

Filpaco offers a wide range of composable FDA approved filtration paper grades. Filpaco’s FDA grade of rayon filtration media is used widely in the mass production of foods such as roasted nuts and deep-fried food production. Filpaco’s FDA filter media drastically extends the useful life of the frying oil. Keeping the oil clean provides the consistency our customer demand while saving money and eliminating smoke. Paper comes in a wide variety of micron ratings. Custom widths and lengths to match your existing machine(s).

  • Cooking oil filtration paper
  • Paper for cellulose drinking straws
  • Water filtration
  • Milk Filters
  • Large scale liquid processing for food producers/manufacturers

Liquid Filtration

Rayon Filter Paper Rolls & Coolant Gravity Bed Filtration

Filpaco, a division of Great Lakes Filters is a leader in Rayon filtration rolls in North America, supplying machining facilities throughout North America. Our viscose/polyester blends provides filtration consistency with the proper liquid wicking required in coolant gravity bed machining filtration systems. Standard 50cm and 100cm wide rolls are in stock. Custom sizes available with short leads times converted inhouse. 

Micron ratings from 5-250 – superior wetting

Filter Press Paper

Filpaco offers hundreds of grades of filter paper specifically for your application. Free from foreign matter and FDA approved. Filpaco technicians are qualified to help you select the optimal paper grade. 


  • Industrial Process Filters
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Blood and plasma
GradeBasic Weight (1)Thickness (Inches)Color & TextureFlow Rate (2)Net Strength (3)Particle Retention (4)
03020010White – Creped2351024
03535020White – Creped3601235
05070040White – Creped4351231
05554032White – Creped4351030
06075039Tan – Creped100108
080140050White – Smooth601001.5
10070025White – Smooth2007520
11575027White – Smooth100857
13028015White – Creped6706548
13554027Tan – Creped2009514
14039028White – Smooth130015055
15025007White – Smooth12902
18035017White – Creped3605040
18520010White – Creped23510027
19054026White – Creped4357530
20050024White – Creped6005040
21512006White – Creped1309043
25864030White – Creped10010020

Values above represent average readings and should not be used for precise calculations. Explanation of Column Headings
(1) Weight in pounds per ream, 500 sheets: 20 in. x 20 in.
(2) Milliliters of water per minute passed through 2″ diameter sample with constant 2″ head.
(3) Head in inches water column required to burst 1″ diameter sample
(4) Largest size, in microns, spherical glass beads that paper will pass under standard laboratory conditions.

Lab Filter Paper

Great Lakes Filters has been a trusted supplier of technical lab filter paper since 1951. Our die-cutting, slitting and rerolling services provide our clients with custom solutions.

  • Whatman Lab Filter Replacements
  • Ahlstrom Lab Filter Replacements
  • Macherey-Nagel Lab Filter Replacements
  • Schleicher & Schuell Lab Filter Replacements
  • VWR Lab Filter Replacements
  • Reeve-Angel Lab Filter Replacements
  • Micro-Filtration Systems Grade Lab Filter Replacements

Industrial Textile Die Cutting

We specialize in die cutting industrial and food grade fabrics, filters, and pads for many industries. We have CAD-Driven systems that perform production work for the pharmaceutical, medical and automotive marketplaces.

Our Filpaco products have a long track record supplying die cut filter paper to industry for the widest variety of applications. From dewatering of mineral mining slurries to blood plasma purification, Filpaco has the optimal grade for your application. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request.

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