Contour – MDX

Contour – 3D Breather and Spacer Fabrics

ACME Mills

This relatively new technology is fire retardant, won’t delaminate, and does not have the dryness, yellowing, heavy weight, moisture retention or flakiness of foam. It’s available with variable spacing between the two faces, from 0.06 inches to more than 0.5 inches (12 mm), in a number of materials as well.

3D spacer fabrics offer today’s most innovative solutions. Our mills offer an expansive variety of solutions depending on your application needs. One great appeal of 3D spacer fabric is that it can, in some applications, replace foam that degrades, yellows and is not environmentally friendly. 3D spacers allow for tremendous breathability, with varying elongation and stability of the yarns for a custom solution. With 3D spacers, we are able to work with our customers to design the appearance of both the top and bottom layers, which may require separate performance and aesthetic qualities. 3D spacer fabrics are changing the way contract furniture is fashioned, allowing for increased comfort and design options. We continue to develop a wide range of cutting edge spacer solutions for an ever-growing list of industries and applications.

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