Dymetrol® Suspension System

High Performance Fabric for Seating Suspensions

Exclusive to Acme Mills, Dymetrol® is a unique seating suspension system that is comfortable, lightweight and durable. Dymetrol® has design flexibility, with no CREEP issues. It is 100% woven polyester available in four styles, ranging from soft to extra firm. Dymetrol® is easy to install, saving time and costs.

Dymetrol® and foam compositions can be combined with one another and attached to the seat construction as one single unit. The use of Dymetrol® alone – without additional foam – is also possible. In all cases, Dymetrol® will reduce the need to utilize a range of foams, springs, wires etc. because it takes on the function of these elements.

Dymetrol® facilitates cost reductions due to savings made on unnecessary components and simplified processing in comparison to conventional seat constructions. An added advantage is the reduction in weight which accompanies this.

Dymetrol®’s Key Advantages:

  • Weight savings due to the possible reduction of foam
  • Space savings due to thin / sculpted design capability
  • Cost reductions due to reduced quantities of parts
  • Sustainability – 100% Recyclable
  • Aids in lighter seating which can reduce fuel or energy consumption.
  • Available as an option with a flame-retardant finish
  • Adaptation for an automated installation process
  • No accompanying noises such as squeaks & rattles
  • Exceeds FMVSS-301 and CAL-117
  • Exceeds FAR 25.853(b) and ABD 0031
  • Exceeds 16G static and dynamic download durability tests
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Product Overview

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