Dust Collector Bags

Great Lakes Filters manufactures replacement industrial dust collector filter bags, cartridges, and baghouse filters for dust collection systems and bag housings in just about every industry. Our dust collector bags are available in cotton, polyester, wool and synthetics like Orlon, Dacron, Polypropylene and Teflon felts. For custom solutions, we can select a fabric or felt for you. Fabric and felt dust collector bags help to guarantee maximum service life, efficiency and economy.

To assure product consistency and quality, we check every lot so they meet our specifications for weight, thickness, permeability and strength. We also offer replacements for brands for industrial dust collectors like Donaldson, Flex-Kleen, Pinnacle, and AGET. We can also provide you with the baghouse itself, our engineers have the expertise to build out your industrial dust collector system. We make varieties of bags like: shaker dust bags, pulse jet dust bags, and more. See our variations below in the diagram.

Replacement Dust Filter Bags

Great Lakes has a cut and sew facility in Michigan. We cut and sew bulk orders for many dust house manufacturers. We can also make your facility’s bags custom to fit popular OEMs like:

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