Stitchbonding is the process of knitting through a fibrous batt that creates a new fabric structure not possible using other fabric formation processes. The process yields high productivity at a lower cost.

Acme Mills’ Stitchbond products are produced from 100% polyester and come in both white and black. They also come in an assortment of weights, widths, fibers, coatings, and gauges. Weights range from ½ to 30 ounces per square yard and coatings are available in either FR or Zinc.

Stitchbond Polyester Fabric Supplier


Fabric Weights: ½ ounce per square yard to over 30 ounces per square yard
Available Colors: Black or white
Available Coatings: Fire Retardant (FR) and Zinc
Assortments: Weights, widths, fibers, and gauges
Construction: Typically consist of 5% to 20% yearn – 80% to 90% un-spun fiber
Durability Erosion Control Mold Resistant Uniform Appearance
UV Resistant High Productivity Lower Cost Good Opacity
Good Drape Strong
Closeouts Wire Harness Erosion Control Insulators Roofing RV
Furniture Automotive Aviation Marine Theatre Seating & Venue Seating
Apparel Foam Lamination Shoe Insoles Medical GeoTextiles Construction