Natura – VSX

Natura – VSX

Natura – Nature Inspired Fabrics


Hydroentangled spun lace nonwoven made from 100% sustainable, biodegradable pulp fibers for wipes to replace single use plastics.  

Acme Mills is leading the way in supplying our ECO friendly pulp based wipes for the personal hygiene produced from the most sustainable pulp material – bamboo. 

Flushable Wipes

Natura spunlace is specifically designed for biodegradable personal hygiene wet wipes. Replacing petroleum-based resin materials (plastics) which have been used for decades and are wreaking havoc on our waterways and municipal infrastructure. 

PLA – Spunbonds

Wide range of weights, widths, and put-ups. Center pull configurations, perforated, custom converted. 2.4 meter & 3.5 meter wide production lines.