Applications of Textiles in Automobile Industry

Textile manufacturing has become a major contributor to the economy of many countries due to its technical advancements and improvements in quality of products.

The automotive sector has become one of the largest markets for textile and its use has increased significantly over the years because it provides excellent protection against wear and tear to automotive parts and vehicles.

Textile materials contribute to the quality of vehicles in many ways:

1.They enhance the comfort of passengers by providing thermal insulation against cold weather or heat from sunlight or hot air vents during summer days

2.Cushioning effect: The performance of cushions depends on their density and thickness as well as their composition (natural or artificial fibers).

3.The aesthetic value: Textile materials can be used to decorate interior parts including seats or door panels; they also serve as an attractive feature for buyers who appreciate fine handworkmanship in automotive production

The textile industry has been playing an important role in the development of India since it was first established during British rule. This industry has contributed greatly to the economic growth of India and it also helped alleviate poverty among people.

Today, there are many manufacturers who produce different types of textiles such as cotton, silk, wool, synthetic fibre etc which can be used by automobile companies for manufacturing cars.

Textiles are used in the production of car seats, door panels, headrests and seat covers. Textile fabrics can be made from cotton, rayon, polyester or wool. The type of material used depends on the intended use. For example, seat covers are usually made of foam that is covered with fabric so as to provide cushioning for the driver’s back and legs. Textile fabrics are also used in the manufacture of dashboard pads, carpets, floor mats and seat belts.

The textile fabric has been employed because it is durable, washable and easy to handle. The textile fabric also provides comfort to the driver when he or she sits on it during long trips.

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