Whatman Grade GF/D, 47mm Circles #1823-047 Equivalent

SKU: 502-004-47

Whatman Grade GF/D, 47mm Circles #1823-047 Equivalent

  • GLF Grade: 004
  • Equivalent to Whatman Grade: GF/D #1823-047
  • Equivalent to Ahlstrom Grade: 141
  • Glass Microfiber Filter
  • 47mm
  • Shape: Circles

Equivalent Whatman Grade GF/D – 47mm Glass Microfiber Filter Circles

  • GLF Grade 004
  • Ahlstrom 141
  • Dimensions: 47mm
  • Like Mfg. No: 1823-047

Great Lakes Filters offers replacement laboratory filters for most Whatman Replacements like Grade GF/D, Mfg. No. 1823-047 . Great Lakes Filters is an ISO 16001 approved manufacturer supplying quality replacements for Whatman type paper used in laboratories nationwide, like Whatman Grade GF/D Glass Microfiber Filter 47mm Circles Mfg. No. 1823-047.
If you need to know more about Great Lakes Filters Grade 004 replacement for Mfg. No. 1823-047 Whatman Grade GF/D and Ahlstrom Grade 141 or would like to get in touch with us for your future laboratory filtration applications, call to talk with a Filtration Sales Engineer Today.

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Glass Microfiber Filter



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