Acme Mills: Decoding Nonwovens – Insight into Innovative Textiles.

In the illuminating article titled “What are nonwovens?” by The Nonwovens Institute, the term “nonwoven” transcends its simple definition of “not woven” or “not knit.” Recognizing the multifaceted nature of nonwoven fabrics, which extend their influence across diverse markets, including medical, apparel, automotive, filtration, construction, geotextiles, and personal protective equipment. The historical origins of nonwovens,… Continue reading Acme Mills: Decoding Nonwovens – Insight into Innovative Textiles.

Acme Mills: Explores Innovations in Nonwovens: Unlocking Versatility

In the realm of textiles, nonwovens have emerged as a versatile and dynamic category, challenging the limitations of conventional weaving and knitting techniques. As discussed in the article “Innovations in Nonwovens: Versatility Is the Key,” the term “nonwoven” does not accurately represent the industry, yet alternative descriptions have failed to gain traction over the years.… Continue reading Acme Mills: Explores Innovations in Nonwovens: Unlocking Versatility

Nonwovens and the “new mobility”

Nonwovens are playing an increasingly important role in automotive components as the evolution of electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs) create an imperative for transportation textiles that are lighter, quieter, stronger, cleaner and easier to recycle. Often unseen, nonwovens are found in backings for automotive body cloth, headliners and tufted carpets; in trunk liners and speaker… Continue reading Nonwovens and the “new mobility”

Innovations For Nonwovens Production

vidence suggests the earliest means of turning fibers into cloth was through felting, which makes use of the scaly structure of wool to firmly interlock the fibers together. Some of the manufacturing techniques employed in today’s nonwovens industry are derived from this ancient fabric formation method, while other techniques are a product of modern engineering… Continue reading Innovations For Nonwovens Production

Nonwovens for the Automotive Market

Opportunities for nonwovens in the automotive market continue to expand. As auto designers look for materials that are lightweight, cost-effective, sustainable and offer increased comfort and reduced noise to drivers and passengers, nonwovens are helping meet these needs. Add to this the anticipated growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market, and suppliers and converters of… Continue reading Nonwovens for the Automotive Market

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