Dymetrol Fabric Creates a Better Ride

Now-a-days, the automotive seating textile suppliers use special fabric such as Dymetrol that provides a comfortable and efficient ride. The automotive seating suppliers also provide woven and non-woven fabrics with multiple features to give you this ride. The most popular automobile manufacturers in the world have used these unique materials and finished seating products to… Continue reading Dymetrol Fabric Creates a Better Ride

Light-weighting of Automotive Seats!

The automotive seating suspension known as Dymetrol® is the award-winning solution for automotive seating. Dymetrol automotive seating materials provide unmatched comfort, weight savings, space savings, durability, and design flexibility.Recently, Dymetrol fabric has become the ideal solution to lighten up automotive seating as designers strive to remove weight from vehicles to meet the new CAFÉ standards.… Continue reading Light-weighting of Automotive Seats!

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