Nonwovens for the Automotive Market

Opportunities for nonwovens in the automotive market continue to expand. As auto designers look for materials that are lightweight, cost-effective, sustainable and offer increased comfort and reduced noise to drivers and passengers, nonwovens are helping meet these needs. Add to this the anticipated growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market, and suppliers and converters of… Continue reading Nonwovens for the Automotive Market

Understanding How Industrial Dust Collectors Work

Industrial dust collectors are designed to clean up air from industrial machinery and outdoor equipment. They remove the harmful particles from factory workers’ breathing areas, which protects their health and safety, improves efficiency, and reduces costs for companies. Types of Industrial Dust CollectorsIndustrial dust collectors are either wet dust collectors or dry-running cyclones, depending on… Continue reading Understanding How Industrial Dust Collectors Work

Beginner’s Guide to Ultrasonic Cutting

The industrial cut and sew manufacturing industry is constantly evolving in order to keep up with client needs and competitive markets. The more complex and bigger the projects become, the more cutting-edge technology is needed for precision and satisfaction.  Ultrasonic cutting is a high-tech process that’s helped advance the textiles industry by reducing timelines and… Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic Welding 101

When you’re looking into bringing a textile product to life, you hear a lot of different terms thrown around. One of those terms is probably “ultrasonic welding.” What is ultrasonic welding? How does it work? Why would you use it? Find out answers to these questions and more by reading our beginner’s guide to ultrasonic… Continue reading Ultrasonic Welding 101

3 Myths About Cut and Sew Manufacturers Debunked

Trusting a partner with your cut and sew projects can be stressful if you are not aware of everything the process entails.  It’s important to have open and honest communication with your manufacturer from the very beginning, in order to fully understand what they’re capable of and how they can help you.  That being said,… Continue reading 3 Myths About Cut and Sew Manufacturers Debunked

How to Find the Perfect Cut and Sew Manufacturer for You

  Do you have the perfect product in mind for your business? Maybe it’s a great new piece of office furniture for the break room? It could be updates to transportation seating to keep your employees more comfortable? Maybe it’s just a fun windsock to help promote a new location opening up? Once you’ve got… Continue reading How to Find the Perfect Cut and Sew Manufacturer for You

Industrial Fabric Welding 101

When it comes to creating durable and long-lasting fabric products, the key is proper industrial fabric welding. Industrial fabric welding is the technique used to join together different pieces of fabric. This process creates a strong bond between pieces that prevents tearing, breaks, or leaks along the seam, a quality that is important for any… Continue reading Industrial Fabric Welding 101

Soft Goods Design 101

  In the world of retail products, goods and products are divided into two categories: soft goods and hard goods. With only two somewhat blanketed terminologies like these, it can often create a little confusion as to what products fall into each category. What are soft goods and what are hard goods? However, the names… Continue reading Soft Goods Design 101

Textile Prototyping 101 [Everything You Need to Know]

All inventions start the same way – with an idea! It doesn’t matter if you’re inventing the world’s first sustainable waterproof seat cover or the world’s fiftieth iteration of the tennis shoe; You must create a prototype before you’re able to sell your invention to the world. In the world of textiles, this process is… Continue reading Textile Prototyping 101 [Everything You Need to Know]

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