Three Important Factors for a Good Filtration

It may vary from different users but how do you define a good filter?

  • A filter with a long lifetime?
  • A filter that prevents fouling of compressor?
  • A filter with a steady pressure drop throughout the filter lifetime?
  • A filter that will help you gain a steady and high performance of the gas turbine?
  • A filter that will ensure your gas turbine not having any unplanned maintenance and offline water wash?
  • A filter that shows good performance in a test?
  • It all comes down to protecting your asset, the Gas Turbine.

There is no such thing as the perfect filter that can be used in all environments and under all operational conditions. What you need to consider is:

  1. Operating environment – are you operating in the coastal, desert, tropical, offshore, arctic, urban environment?
  2. What particles are you up against?
  3. How big a dust load are you expecting to work with?

To comply with all the 3 factors you end up compromising either with a very efficient solution that last only 1 year or less, or with a solution with a long filter lifetime, but that allows submicron particles to pass through and cause fouling in your compressor.

You don’t have to choose one of these options. It is possible to get a highly efficient solution with 2 years lifetime.

You can save time and money by installing premium air intake filters. Nordic Air Filtration will be happy to see if we can help improve your solutions.

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