The Empowerment Plan


I’m sorry… it’s been awhile since we’ve talked.

Things here at Acme Mills are running at top-speed. New products are under development, our staff is prepping for two major releases of product over the next few months, and man are they gonna be awesome.

We have also had the pleasure of working with Veronika Scott, founder of The Empowerment Plan. “What’s the Empowerment Plan?” you ask Well, here is your answer…

The Empowerment Plan is a humanitarian project based in the city of Detroit. The plan centers around a coat that is self-heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night. The coat is made by a group of homeless women who have been paid to learn and to produce the coats for those living on the streets. The focus is on the system to create jobs for those that desire them and coats for those that need them at no cost. The importance is not with the product but with the people.
The goals of the Empowerment Plan are:
  • to employ homeless females within the city of Detroit
  • to give coats or the Element S coat to individuals living on the streets
  • to establish trust and communication with individuals deemed by the shelters as unreachable in the homeless community for example the mentally impaired
  • to teach sewing manufacturing/ production skills to people that need jobs
  • to offer a sense of pride to the women who have been employed in the production of the coats.

We have been working with Veronika on materials sourcing issues and overall business planning for about 8 months now, and it’s been an amazing experience. Especially since it’s helping out our hometown folks, the people of Detroit.

If you would like to help, or have an idea on how we can help more, call us at 800.894.7110 or contact Veronika directly at

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