Product Development Partnership: Fairway Products Delivers a Game-Changing Tablet Hand Strap

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Summary: In a successful product development partnership with a visionary company, Fairway Products helped create a durable and functional tablet hand strap. Through collaborative planning and utilizing high-tech sewing technology, we turned an idea into a decade-long success story, solidifying our reputation as trusted partners in product development.

Industry: Electronics & Accessories
Category: Product Development & Long-Term Partnership
Processes: Material Selection, Program Sewing, Assembly Method Planning

Many years ago, Fairway Products was approached by a company seeking precisely such a partnership. Their vision was to create a hand strap for tablets, aiming to revolutionize hands-free device use. While the idea was clear, the logistical execution was fraught with challenges.

Fairway Products, specialists in manufacturing textile products for multiple industries, seized the opportunity to showcase our expertise in a product development partnership. Collaborating closely with our client, we meticulously selected the ideal material, size, and assembly methods for the hand strap. After extensive research and using advanced programming machines, neoprene was chosen as the most fitting material. The velcro components were then skillfully sewn onto the neoprene using our state-of-the-art sewing technology.

This product development partnership not only led to an innovative tablet hand strap but also cemented a relationship that has stood the test of time—lasting over a decade. The strap has since become a key offering in our client’s product lineup, contributing to their long-term market success.

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