Overview of Industrial Textiles

The term “industrial textiles” is the most widely used term for non-traditional textiles. Other terms used are “technical textiles,” “high performance textiles,” “high tech textiles,” “engineered textiles,” “industrial fabrics” and “technical fabrics.” The history of modern industrial textiles probably began with the canvas cloth used to sail ships from the old world to the new across the ocean. The invention of man-made fibers in the first half of the 20th century changed the industrial textiles market forever. Some of the modern industries simply would not be the same without industrial textiles. For example, the US Department of Defense has in its inventory some 10,000 items which are made entirely or partially from industrial textiles. The raw materials for industrial textiles can be in various forms such as wires, spun yarns, pulp, fibers, monofilament, multifilament, rovings and mats. The classification of industrial textiles is made mainly on the basis of the final application.

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