Oil Extraction Filter Paper

Oil Extraction and Filtration – Oil extraction and purification of crude biomass removes waxes/lipids before distillation. This winterization requires consistent and correct micron retention and filtration speed in your. Great Lakes Filters carries oil extraction and winterization filter paper grades ranging nominally from 0.7 to 250 micron.

  • We supply any diameter of lab filters needed of Buchner funnel filtration, and cut right in house in our facilities, passing the savings to you. We can custom cut and recommend grades of paper and nonwovens for custom projects and machines as well.
  • We can also supply the funnels, glassware, filter housings, and pumps.

Using Whatman? We can cross reference that too!

Plant matter with CO2, Ethanol, or Butane is run through an opened or closed loop extraction to create crude oil. The next step is critical for cleaning that crude oil, and removing the plant waxes from the mixture. The mixture is rinsed and chilled in lab grade alcohol. That chilled mixture is then filtered using oil filter paper in a Buchner funnel, under a vacuum.

The filter paper circles for filtering oil are used to remove plant wax. They are disposable, cost effective, and filter the mixture down to the desire micron range needed to eliminate that wax. Membrane filter discs can also be used in the process (We can supply those as well).

Once plant wax is removed from the extract, leaving a mix of alcohol and soon to be purified oil. The alcohol is then put in a distillation system and reclaimed. You are left with the oil.

Since the Buchner funnel filtration method uses a vacuum, the lab paper needs to withstand the strength of a vacuum, especially when wet. If the incorrect paper is used, it may tear. Popular Buchner funnel sizes can vary in size, from a few mm to up 36 inches in diameter.

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