3 Myths About Cut and Sew Manufacturers Debunked

Trusting a partner with your cut and sew projects can be stressful if you are not aware of everything the process entails. 

It’s important to have open and honest communication with your manufacturer from the very beginning, in order to fully understand what they’re capable of and how they can help you. 

That being said, not many companies know what to expect or what to ask for when reaching out to a cut and sew manufacturer. 

While it’s easy to fall into the trap of industry assumptions and “word on the street”, it’s important to do your research and learn the fundamentals of the cut and sew manufacturing industry before you choose a partner. 

To help you gain a clearer understanding of the industry and what to expect from business partners within it, we’ve debunked three common myths about cut and sew manufacturers. 

Myth #1: Small Changes Don’t Really Affect Production 

This is probably one of the most common misunderstandings within the cut and sew industry. 

For those who don’t work with cut and sew processes, a small change to a design (such as removing a button or switching fabric materials) may seem simple and quick, but these changes can drastically affect production times and costs. 

Manufacturers are obviously more than willing to make these changes and anticipate them but be advised that they may take some time to implement. Remember that cut and sew processes are complex and technical, so small changes can snowball into big ones.

This means that if you have specific deadlines/timelines to follow, you need to communicate potential changes with your manufacturing partner as soon as possible. 

Make sure you clearly state your expectations and then allow your manufacturer ample time to implement the new changes. 

Try to make sure that all potential issues and changes are addressed before production gets moving along. The further along in the process you are, the more money and time it will cost you and your manufacturer to make changes. 

Myth #2: Large Cut And Sew Manufacturers Won’t Take on Low Minimum Order Clients  

low minimum order

Many cut and sew clients are hesitant about committing to large manufacturers when they have a smaller order because of a few different factors. 

They may feel like they won’t be prioritized, or fear that their project will be delayed due to bigger clients taking up manufacturing bandwidth. Additionally, they worry that the large manufacturer might not even consider doing business with them if their order isn’t big enough. 

You may have these same fears. 

Rest assured, this isn’t a universal truth across the industry. In fact, some larger cut and sew manufacturers like Fairway Products make it a priority to give all their clients the same effort and attention, no matter how big or small their orders are. 

This is why open and honest communication with your manufacturing partner at the beginning of the process is so crucial. 

It allows both you and your partner to explain what you need, what you’re expecting, and what you can bring to the table. 

At the end of the day, you need to be valued by your manufacturer. So, be sure to get a good idea of how your manufacturer is going to prioritize you. Find out what resources and value-added services they’ll be able to provide. 

Myth #3: Cut and Sew Manufacturers Only Do Cut and Sew Operations 

You’d be surprised with how many value-added services cut and sew manufacturers can provide. Though it’s not an industry standard to provide things like process engineering, inventory management, and more, there are definitely options for that out there. 

Full-service manufacturers such as Fairway Products offer a variety of services to ensure your product goes from ideation to tangible product in the most efficient manner possible, without sacrificing quality. 

A huge benefit of working with full-service manufacturers is the consultation and guidance you’ll receive from them. 

These types of manufacturers will work alongside your team to make sure you’re getting more than just a quality product. They’ll help you improve your production timelines, optimize your inventory space, and create logistics systems that make sense for your scope of work.

Even if you’re okay with simply outsourcing your materials and sending out your production blueprints, it’s worth looking into a full-service manufacturing partnership. 

You never know what insights they’ll be able to provide; you could end up saving a lot more money and resources than you thought. 

Fairway Products: The Midwest’s Cut and Sew Manufacturer

low minimum order

As we mentioned, it’s important to have a good understanding of what to expect within the industry when choosing a cut and sew manufacturing partner. So, let us introduce ourselves. 

Fairway Products is a full-service cut and sew manufacturer that provides cutting, sewing, seaming, and sealing services, providing businesses with the tools they need to bring their product to life on time and on budget.

Fairway Products prioritizes clients of all sizes and has the value-added services that will help your business not only get a great product but improve your workflow.

You’ll have all the guidance you need, from prototyping and process engineering to inventory management and logistics support.

In fact, we’re so committed to our customer’s needs that if we don’t have the equipment or materials to complete your product on hand, we will modify, build or locate exactly what you need. 

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