Industrial Textiles and Their Applications

Industrial textiles are one exciting field and of of the most popular ones. If you want to know all about it then continue to read.

A specialised branch of technical textile, Industrial textile needs no introduction. If you are thinking about what is industrial textiles, well, it is the textile material that is used in the industry and manufactured industrial products.

Textiles are used widely in electronics, mechanical, chemical and civil industries that use textile materials in direct or indirect ways in finishing, filtration, and industrial or manufactured products.

Some of the examples are silk-screen, roller covers, various types of brushes, fabric circuit boards, computer printer tape, crushing/grinding technology, conveyer and abrasive belt etc.

History of Industrial Textiles
Directly involved with many other industries, Technical textile is a large and growing industry. Although both traditional and industrial textile originated a few thousand years ago, Traditional textile is still considered a little older than industrial textile.

It is with the use of canvas cloth during navigating ships at sea that one can say the journey of modern industrial textile began. With the invention of man-made synthetic fibres, in the first half of the 20th century, this market also underwent a big change.

The uses and demands of industrial textile are increasing as a result of industrialization.

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