Industrial Textile Products

Textiles are all around us. While we often think of clothing first, there are many other special textiles that keep those in certain industries safe. Come along as we learn all about industrial textile products.

Textiles as We Know Them
When we think of textiles, often the very first thing that comes to mind is our clothing. Sure, our clothes are definitely textile products, but how many other things in our lives also incorporate textiles? Well, there are our home furnishings like curtains, furniture, even floor coverings. But is that all? We often overlook the importance of industrial textiles. industrial textiles are built for a specific industry or profession and have many special qualities like fire or water resistance. Let’s learn more about this frequently forgotten segment of the textile industry.

Industry with a Need
So what types of industries require special textiles? Well, many industries have strict safety standards for clothing and tools, while others simply have a dress code that requires certain textiles. Some major industries that rely on industrial textiles include agriculture, transportation, medical, and even public service.

Special Qualities
As mentioned before, many industrial textiles are made for specific purposes within a given industry. One of the most important purposes is safety. Some industries are extremely dangerous and clothing must protect against things like spills, fire, and dangerous debris. But clothing is not the only means of protection afforded by textiles. Safety nets, extinguishing blankets, reflecting fabrics, waterproof fabrics, tarps and even gas-proof fabrics all incorporate the use of industrial textile for their protective qualities.

What about those textiles used for public service? Many in public service roles depend on textiles to do their jobs. For instance, those in the military rely on camouflage fabrics and durable textiles to keep them blended in and protected against projectiles. And they need army tents to sleep in while serving our country. Industrial textiles are even used in the manufacturing of parachutes.

Firefighters and Police
Firefighters need suits that are flame resistant to do their job, and the police often need materials for defense like sandbags and fabric for their uniforms.

Medical Field
Then there is the medical field. Patients and medical professionals alike depend on industrial textiles. Casts, bandages, cotton gauze, diapers, mattresses and pillows contain industrial textile. It’s even used to help form the barrier that protects the operating room.

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