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“Industrial dryers, especially the “rotary” ones, find their applications in minerals, construction materials, chemical industries. However, this upswing is expected to take place mid-2021 (when Covid-19 vaccine would probably be in place). As of now, the lockdowns enforced in the wake of Covid-19 have suspended the operations at the end-users’ end. Vacuum dryer and flash dryer are still having a limited use.

“The Industrial Dryer Market has been profiled by Persistence Market Research (PMR) through its new publication called “Industrial Dryers Market: Global Industry Analysis 2017-2027”. The years 2017, 2018 and 2019 with respect to the market are explained in detail. The years between 2020 and 2027 are profiled as “forecast period”. The report gives a “start to finish” analysis regarding the factors catalysing and restraining the market, along with the ones that could hold the market all through the forecast period.

“Robust demand for industrial dryers in the food and pharmaceutical industry is expected to influence the overall growth of industrial dryers market in the near future. In order to maintain a superior product quality and functional value, end user industries such as food and pharmaceutical heavily depend on high performance dryer systems. In addition, stiffer government guidelines for manufacturing processes coupled with increasing concerns over sustainable industrial expansion has compelled these industries to intensify production operations. A study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR) reveals that the demand for new industrial dryers will reach at 3,049 units globally by 2024.

“Owing to the arrival of advanced drying technology, the application base for industrial dryers has expanded rapidly in recent years. The industrial dryer is a manufacturing equipment in chemical, fertilizer and mineral processing industries. Dryer manufacturers are developing industry specific dryer systems depending on the processing requirement.


“While industrial drying equipment greatly enhances both product value and quality, constraints such as high cost of operation and its severe environmental limitations pertaining to excessive smoke emission may slow down the surging spirit of the market during the forecast period. Moreover, a considerable amount of post processing is involved to minimize the thick discharge of fumes from dryers that entails additional dispensation cost.


“PMR’s study further sheds light on the technological aspect of industrial dryer systems, major players in the global market for industrial dryer are actively focusing on making higher investments in R&D pipelines. In the recent past, demand for energy efficient dryers has gained traction, as a result of which manufacturers have shifted their concentration towards developing cost-effective and low-energy consuming dryers. Further, growing preference for superheated steam dryers that offer 70-80% energy recovery and have lower operating cost is a key trend governing the global market for industrial dryers.

Market Overview

“On the basis of product type, spray dryers is expected to be the predominant segment of the market during the projected period, followed by continuous dryer type. The spray dryer segment is expected to account for 26% share of the market over 2024.

“Industrial dryers work on two basic principles, direct or indirect, amongst which dryers working of indirect principles are expected to witness a relatively higher demand during 2016 – 2024. Demand for dryers working on indirect principle is anticipated to remain strong in the near future.

“Amongst various end user industries chemical, food, and pharmaceutical collectively is expected to account for the majority share of the market both in value and volume terms. In addition, demand for industrial dryer particularly from the chemical industry in expected to remain high throughout the forecast period.

“Based on region prospect, the market in Asia Pacific is projected to remain dominant over the next couple of years. The region is expected to witness a CAGR of over 3% during the forecast period. In North America, sales revenue for industrial dryers is expected to grow to US$ 1045.6 Million, expanding at a CAGR of 3.8%. Moreover, key players operating in the global market are implementing market strategies that involve acquisitions and mergers, expansion of facilities and launch of newer products, especially in APAC and North America in order to strengthen their presence in these two regions.”

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