How Does a Die Cutter Work?


Die cutting is a process that allows the same shape to be generated uniformly in various materials. These materials include paper, wood, plastic, metal or fabric. The cuts made, called blanks, are just that. These unfinished pieces are not decorated and need to be finished by adding embellishments or decorations. The importance of die cutters is uniformity. Without using a die cutter, it would be a painstaking and timely process to make shapes all the same size, without being irregular.

The Die

Sharp blades, also called rule, are specifically shaped to make a certain design. This bent blade is mounted to a backing, often made of wood or metal. The result of this is known as a die. Dies come in many sizes and shapes for different uses.

Material used in the process is placed on a flat surface with a structured or supportive back. This material is then pressed onto the blade of the die, cutting through the material to result in the final cut or blank. The amount of blanks made at one time can vary due to the material used and the purpose. Some die cutters can slice through many layers of material, making many blanks at once.

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