Great Lakes Filters: Optimizing Bag Filtration Technology for Efficiency

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In the pursuit of improving filtration processes, the focus is on a critical aspect: choosing the right bag filtration technology. As highlighted by Roger Yin in a LinkedIn article titled ‘Criteria to Consider When Choosing Bag Filtration Technology (Part II),’ selecting the appropriate filter media is essential to effectively approach the optimal maintenance interval.

Within the industry, a multitude of filter bags is available, offering similar particle retention efficiency but varying in capacity levels. The intriguing fact is that these filter bags can all be accommodated within the same filter housing, although some might require additional tools or support baskets.

The key lies in selecting the filter bag with the optimal capacity. This decision can be made during the initial sizing of the filter system, or it’s possible to upgrade the capacity in systems that are already operational. Such an enhancement in capacity and filter bag life directly results in reduced maintenance intervals, saving on product losses and disposal costs. Even if the selected filter bag is pricier, the advantages in process cost savings offset the initial investment.

There are four distinct approaches to increase capacity:

  • Add more or larger filter bags (the traditional approach).
  • Switch to higher capacity filter media.
  • Increase the filter area in the existing filter.
  • Implement multi-step filtration with different pore sizes (prefilter/final filter).

Traditionally, increasing capacity often involved adding more or larger filters, necessitating extra investment, process downtime, and additional floorspace. However, the article proposes more efficient strategies that can significantly boost capacity compared to basic standard needlefelt media.

Two key criteria come into play: the capacity of the media used and the surface area packed into a single filter. These considerations play a crucial role in optimizing bag filtration technology.”

For a detailed insight into Great Lakes Filters’ expertise in bag filtration technology and the criteria for enhancing filtration processes, click here .

Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of Roger Yin, LinkedIn.

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