According to the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry:

Nonwoven Fabrics in Filtration

Nonwovens offer many advantages in all types of filtration. Whether a filter is designed to keep the air in your home clean, an operating room sterile, or to remove dirt and grit from the oil in your car before it reaches the engine, nonwoven fabrics get the job done.

Anyone who suffers from allergies already knows that having a good heating and air conditioning filter in the home can help immeasurably in clearing the air. Air filters capture pollen, allergens, mold spores, and other microscopic particles to reduce symptoms and help everyone breathe easier.

Medical filters made from nonwovens are key in any operating room to keep out pathogens, bacteria or microbes that might otherwise contaminate a sterile environment.

Oil filters are an important component in your car. The nonwoven fabrics in the filters help remove contaminants from the engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil and lubricating oil.

Examples of Nonwoven Fabrics in Filtration

  • Air, gas & dust
  • Food
  • Home HVAC
  • Liquid, non-food
  • Medical

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