Elevating Aircraft Durability: Acme Mills Innovations in Fabric Coverings

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The article “Cotton-Covered Aircraft and Fiberglass Coverings,” provided by Aircraft Systems Tech, highlights the significance of aircraft fabric coverings in both cotton and fiberglass domains. When encountering cotton fabric-covered aircraft, assessing the condition of the fabric beneath the surface is crucial due to the potential deterioration even during hangar storage. Diligent inspections, guided by the manufacturer’s maintenance manual or AC 43.13-1, are essential. Repairs, including sewn-in and doped-in patches, can be conducted if the cotton covering is deemed airworthy. For comprehensive insights into fabric covering issues, AC 43.13-1, Chapter 2, Fabric Covering, is a valuable resource.

Turning attention to fiberglass coverings, references in STCs, AC 43.13-1, and maintenance literature address techniques for finishing and maintaining such surfaces, primarily focusing on fiberglass ray domes and reinforced plywood components that are still in service. Established methods involving dope-based processes are used on fiberglass surfaces. To ensure proper repair, coating application, and finishing on fiberglass, it’s essential to follow manufacturer data, STC instructions, or AC 43.13-1’s recommended practices.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of aircraftsystemstech.com

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