To make a complete garments, cutting is necessary, cutting means to cut the garments piece from lays of fabric with help of cutting equipment and template. During cutting the marker is applied to top ply of lay.

Factors of quality cutting:

The objective of cutting is to separate fabric parts as reline of pattern pieces in the marker plan .in achieving this object accurately there have some certain requirement.

  1. Precision of cut: Garment cannot be assembled satisfactorily and may not fit the body correctly not been cut accurately to the pattern shape and size must be as per original sketch.
  2. Clean edge: The edge of the fabric should not show fraying .such defects on imperfectly knife.
  3. Unfused edge: The build up of heat in the knife blade comes form the friction on between the blade and fabric lay specially for man –made fiber may resulting.
  4. Support of lay: The cutting system must provide the means not only to support the fabric but also allow the blade to penetrate the lowest ply of a spread lay and save all the fabrics.
  5. Consistent cutting: To get consistency of cutting marker are placed on lay and see plies are clamped tightly with table so that all plies are cut at same time and same pressure.

Importance of cutting: The importance of cutting is given below,

  1. The objective of cutting is to separate fabric parts and replicas of pattern pieces in the marker plan.
  2. By accurate cutting we can minimize the fabric wastage.
  3. Without fabric cutting it is impossible to get uniform finished fabric.
  4. To prepare the pattern pieces for proper sewing.

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