Cut and Sew Manufacturers: Everything You Should Know

If your organization has a textile project in mind there is always one important question that needs to be answered: “how do we bring it to life?” 

Whether you have a detailed blueprint of your product with all the specifications and materials ready to go or just a concept sketched out on a cocktail napkin, you will still need a sewing contractor to put it all together.

When looking for a sewing contractor, there are many different options out there, that’s why it’s important to know what option works best for each type of project.

One of the best options in your playbook is a cut and sew manufacturer. What does a cut and sew manufacturer bring to the table? What are the pros and cons?

We’re glad you asked! Here is everything you need to know about cut and sew manufacturers and how they stack up against your other options.

What is a Cut and Sew Manufacturer? 

Cut and Sew Manufactuers at Fairway Products

A cut and sew manufacturer, like us here at Fairway Products, stands apart from other cut and sew contractors by providing a full range of services for any of your textile manufacturing needs, from airport windsocks, multi-function backpacks, seat covers, pillow, and whatever else you can imagine.  

A full-service cut and sew contractor can offer a wide range of services from product development and prototyping to textile cutting, sewing, seam sealing, and even packaging and shipping.

A full-service manufacturer has the ability to act as more of a creative partner rather than a simple contractor looking to crank out the finished product quickly.

The internal teams employed can offer consultation and advice during the initial design and development phase and then use their experience and connections to help you source the necessary materials.    

Cut and Sew Manufacturer vs. Factory

How does a cut and sew full-service manufacturer compare to other common options, such as contracting a cut and sew factory? A cut and sew factory can certainly help you with the production of your product, but much of the heavy lifting that a full-service manufacturer is happy to assist you with is left squarely on your shoulders.

Most cut and sew factory manufacturers cannot help you develop your concept, outsource materials, or assist in post-production tasks. When you work with this kind of manufacturer, you will be responsible for providing the blueprints and sourcing all necessary fabrics and materials upfront. These kinds of sewing contractors are just that: contractors who can provide you with a finished product, no more no less.

Which cut and sew option is best for you?

Sew Manufacturer

While doing a basic comparison between cut and sew full-service manufacturers and factories should give you a good idea of which is best for completing your project, there are other important factors to consider when determining the best cut and sew option.


Because you’ll be required to provide design and materials upfront, cut and sew factories perform a very streamlined production process that can often be done at a lower price than a full-service manufacturer. But the cost of the product is usually a reflection of its quality — cheap produces cheap. 

With a factory, you’ll be in charge of creating the design yourself and you’ll have to pay to enlist the services of a pattern maker to create them. 

Creating the design yourself is time-consuming, and as busy as you are, you can’t be spending hours of time and energy on designing. In addition, you’ll have to upfront the cost for material sourcing and purchasing, which means you have to hassle with an additional third party, wasting even more time and money. 

So, while a cut and sew factory may offer a lower cost on production, you will have to spend way more time and money than you realize or want. However, a cut and sew full-service manufacturer keeps your entire project under one roof so the only cost you have to pay is to one company.

Production size

Production size for cut and sew manufacturers

One thing you’ll come to find when shopping around between cut and sew factories is that sewing contractors often have a production size minimum requirement and prefer to work on projects that produce bulk materials. If your textile needs require a single prototype or a small batch of products made-to-order, a factory won’t cut it (literally). 

Another benefit of cut and sew full-service manufacturers is their willingness and ability to fulfill small-batch orders. Because of the more customizable nature of full-service manufacturers, producing orders in smaller quantities is not quite the hurdle that it is for factories. So if your project only requires the production of a limited number of products, full-service manufacturers will have the capabilities to fulfill your needs.


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a cut and sew full-service manufacturer over a factory is your ability to utilize their extensive knowledge, both during the design and production processes. Using the input of the design team during development can introduce you to new, better, innovative ideas that you may not have thought of on your own. 

During production, a full-service manufacturer’s ability to source materials for you using their knowledge and industry connections can also help put you in touch with supplier connections you didn’t have before and help you find not only the right materials but the right price as well. eThe resources available to you through a full-service manufacturer make them a valuable partner.

Should You Use a Cut and Sew Full-Service Manufacturer? 

Regardless of if you have a clear vision in mind for a textile prototype or just a rough idea in your mind, the advantage of working with a cut and sew full-service manufacturer is clear. Your company’s ability to get the assistance you need to design the product, source materials, produce, and distribute it quickly and efficiently will prove to be incredibly valuable resources during the creation of your product. 

Fairway Products is a cut and sew full-service manufacturer that provides cutting, sewing, and seam sealing service providing businesses with the tools they need to bring their product to life, on time, and on budget. We have the capacity to meet your needs with rapid shipping and delivery. Along with our industrial sewing services, we provide product development and engineering skills to work with woven fabrics, non-woven, vinyl, leather, foam, laminates, molded plastic, and even wood fiber components.

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