Automated Cutting Systems

What Does Your Facility Need? To Increase Manufacturing Speeds? Do You Need Precision Cuts For Detailed Designs? Do You Need A Machine That Can Cut Through Denim or Industrial Fabrics? Maybe You Just Need to Find A Machine That Will Lower Your Power Consumption without Costing You Productivity…
Depending On Your Needs, There Is an Excellent Selection Of Automatic Fabric Cutting Machines. These are serious, industrial fabric cutting machines, not your run in the mill cutters…
​ Deciding The Type of Fabric That Needs Cutting“Fabric” is an umbrella term for a large number of different types of materials that garments are made from. From denim for jeans to leather for a sofa or cotton for a shirt, there are a number of different types of fabrics that you may need to cut. Using and incorporating an automated fabric cutting machine is a great way to get your fabric cutting done!

Machines can be used for different types of fabric. There are some machines that specialize in intricate designs details well. There are others that specialize in cutting through thick and durable materials. And others still that do basic cuts at a very high speed.

It’s important to look at the type of fabrics that are supported by the machine that you are purchasing and to look at any additional modules that will let the machine support different types of fabrics.

This is the key to saving money on an automatic fabric cutting machine. You don’t want to purchase multiple machines that specialize in several different types of garment unless you have a large operation that requires you to manufacture thousands of shirts per day. Typically, having a single machine that does everything will be far more cost effective.

Picking the right size of machine for your operation

Next, you’ll need to determine the size of the operation you have going and how much capital you can invest. There are smaller automatic cutting machines that operate more slowly but are fantastic for small orders. These are best for smaller companies that only need to process a dozen or a hundred orders per day.

However, if you need to process thousands of orders per day and have a large facility, then you’ll need to increase the speed and that’s where high-powered machines come in handy. These are much more expensive but will save a considerable amount of time as opposed to manually cutting or using a smaller machine designed for startups and smaller operations.

Purchasing an automatic fabric cutting machine

Automated Fabric cutting machines have a pretty dramatic range of prices available. This is because the fabric cutting machines are sophisticated, they support a number of different features such as settings that can be saved for cutting specific designs, or a the thickness to be cut.

When your ready to purchase the best automatic fabric cutting machine, it will depend on your needs. Smaller machines will process orders slowly but the cost will be much more efficient for a smaller company. If you need to scale up your operations, then a more expensive machine with customizable profiles and attachments will be suitable for your needs, but the Return on investment will be much higher!

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