Acme Mills: Key Considerations for Choosing Bag Filtration Technology

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According to Roger Yin’s article on LinkedIn titled “Criteria to Consider When Choosing Bag Filtration Technology,” selecting the right bag filtration technology requires careful evaluation of various factors. Bag filtration plays a crucial role in numerous industrial processes by removing unwanted particles from liquids. Today, filter bags are employed for a wide range of applications and conditions, including filtering liquids such as water and glue. To ensure optimal performance, several essential criteria must be considered when selecting a filter bag and its associated options.

One of the primary considerations is the characteristics and size of the particles or solids that need to be removed. Different applications require different levels of filtration, ranging from nominal to absolute. The choice between nominal and absolute filters depends on the specific requirements of the process. An “absolute” filter is necessary when practically all particles of a particular size and larger must be eliminated. The absolute pore size rating determines the pore size at which particles of a specific size or larger will be reliably retained by the filter with a defined efficiency (e.g., >99%) under strictly defined test conditions.

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