Acme Mills: Fabric Terms and Legal Aspects in Aircraft Coverings

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As discussed in the article “Fabric Terms and Legal Aspects of Aircraft Fabric Covering,” understanding the intricacies of fabric coverings for aircraft is paramount. These fabric coverings play a crucial role in the structural integrity and performance of aircraft. Here, we delve into the key fabric terms highlighted in the article and shed light on the legal aspects surrounding aircraft fabric covering.

Fabric Terms:

  • Warp: This refers to the direction along the length of the fabric.
  • Fill or Weave: The direction across the width of the fabric.
  • Count: The number of threads per inch in warp or filling.
  • Ply: The number of yarns making up a thread.
  • Bias: A cut, fold, or seam made diagonally to the warp or fill threads.
  • Pinked Edge: An edge cut to prevent raveling.
  • Selvage Edge: The edge woven to prevent raveling.
  • Greige: The condition of polyester fabric before heat shrinking.
  • Cross Coat: A technique involving the application of two coats at 90° angles.

Legal Aspects: When certifying a fabric-covered aircraft, adherence to approved materials and techniques is crucial. Aircraft manufacturers must use materials and methods specified in the type certificate. Maintenance personnel must follow the same guidelines when replacing the fabric, as outlined in the manufacturer’s service manual.

Exceptions to these guidelines are possible but require approval from aviation authorities like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For instance, aircraft initially using cotton fabric must typically be re-covered with cotton, unless an FAA-approved exception exists. Polyester fabric coverings offer performance advantages, leading to approvals for re-covering older aircraft originally manufactured with cotton fabric.

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