Acme Mills: Explores Innovations in Nonwovens: Unlocking Versatility

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In the realm of textiles, nonwovens have emerged as a versatile and dynamic category, challenging the limitations of conventional weaving and knitting techniques. As discussed in the article “Innovations in Nonwovens: Versatility Is the Key,” the term “nonwoven” does not accurately represent the industry, yet alternative descriptions have failed to gain traction over the years.

Nonwovens, defined by ISO standard 9092 and CEN EN 29092, are engineered fibrous assemblies that achieve structural integrity through physical and/or chemical means, excluding traditional weaving, knitting, or papermaking methods. These fabrics are produced by directly transforming fibers or polymer resins, with bonding techniques such as chemical, mechanical, or thermal methods replacing yarn-based interlacing.

The absence of a yarn spinning stage enables fast and cost-effective nonwoven production, debunking the perception of nonwovens as low-cost substitutes for traditional textiles. Instead, nonwovens now offer immense versatility and play a significant role in various industries.

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