What is Industrial textiles? Classification of industrial textiles?

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Textiles are the largest items of application next only to engineering goods; textiles have found wider acceptance in industry, house hold, aerospace and apparel field.etc.

Today industrial textile has an old tradition, in the 20th century when man-made fibers became available, the range of industrial textiles was rapidly widened by textiles before, These are currently used to produce fabric reinforced constructions, it is only in the last few decades that industrial textiles have become a commonly considered special group of textiles products, where industrial fabric of the textile field has grown more rapidly than house hold textile and apparel approximately 10 percent a year and makes up about 20 percent of the market share of textile products ,and structure components as agriculture and forestry materials to protect natural resources and the living environment in transportation and storage in civil and railway engineering in the manufacture of sports leisure goods. Etc.

Classification of industrial textiles

Classification of industrial textiles is a challenging task, classification of industrial textiles can be done in several ways according to the raw material processed, the manufacturing system and production technique, the basis of main industrial textiles groups. 

Or the end use (geotextiles, medical textiles, paper machine and clothing…etc

The researcher has chosen to classify the industrial textiles on the basis of the final application, the main reason for this selection was the convenience to the reader.I.1.1.General industrial textiles.

This fabric includes reinforcing fibers for protection from hot and cold, electrically conducting textiles, anti-static textiles, metallized products surface , textiles for electronics and data system technology, fiber optics, drive systems, hoses and tile reinforced pipes, fabrics for timing gears, rigid and flexible containers hollow pneumatic system oil spill absorbing blankets, textile reinforced rubber products, filters abrasive fabric for sand paper, fabric for movie screens, type writer ribbon, sorption system, seals fiber reinforced sealing materials and textiles reinforced adhesive fabrics for luggage laundry textiles.

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