ACME Mills

Viking AM845 needle punched polypropylene is the perfect listing and close out material. Needle punch black polypropylene. Good for black out and map pocket interiors. It can also be used as a geotextile.

Needle punch polyester and polypropylene products are supplied in widths ranging from 1” to 200” with basis weights ranging from 70 gsm to 300 gsm.  The Acme Group’s needle punch products are offered in one side calendar, two side calendar, and/or infrared bonded finish.

We can provide needled polypropylene fabrics in many weights, styles, and colors. Our products can be flame retarded to meet FMVSS 302 and ABD 0031. Typical applications are automotive interior trim, aviation, and furniture.

Common Geotextile characteristics of needle punch polypropylene include:

  • When used as a Geotextile it has good air and water permeability to let water flow through it so as to effectively control sandrock running-down.
  • It has good water transmissibility, it can form drainage channels inside soil mass to drain redundant liquid and air out of the soil mass.
  • Geotextile helps to enhance the soil mass’ tensile strength and non-deformability and structural stability so as to improve soil mass quality.

Features of needle punch polypropylene:

  • It can effectively make the concentrated stress diffuse, transfer or decompound, and prevent the soil mass against the destruction of outside force.
  • It can prevent the mixture of sandstone, soil mass and concrete of upper and lower layers.
  • Its mesh is hard to jam by virtue of the compliancy and motility of the reticulation formed by indefinite form fibrous tissue.
  • High water permeability-it can keep good water permeability even in the pressure of soil and water.
  • Corrosion resistant-it is made from polypropylene fiber or terylene or other chemical fiber, featuring resistance to acid and alkali and oxidation, non-corroding, no worm-eaten.
  • Easy construction-low weight, easy operation, simple construction.