Revamping Commercial Seating: How Fairway Products Reengineered Isringhausen’s Soft Goods Solutions

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Summary: When a multi-national transportation business, Isringhausen, came to Fairway Products, they were looking for a manufacturer that could assist them with developing their material needs. When they approached Fairway Products with an idea for a semi-truck seat cover, Faiwray was able to reverse engineer it and transform it into a product with better materials, better patterns, and better results.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the team at Fairway was able to ideate, design, cut, sew and produce the material into an assembly line-ready product.

Industry: Automotive and Commercial Seating
Category: Product Development, Supply Chain Management
Processes: Reverse Engineering, Prototyping, Cut and Sew Solutions, Material Preservation, Supply Chain Management


Isringhausen supplies aftermarket seats for buses, big trucks, and military vehicles. They assemble their products but they outsource for product design. The company was in need of a better soft goods seating solution, and they needed a partner to deliver it.

Fairway Products’ Director of Product Development directly worked with their in-house team to ideate and execute an improved end-product. Fairway’s expert team receives products from Isringhausen that they then reverse engineered to analyze how the product was made.

Reverse engineering a product means taking it apart to analyze how each piece of the product is functioning.

After analyzing how it was made, Fairway executes research and goes to the drawing board with its engineers to create a more efficient product design.


Everything from the textiles being used, the technology that works with it, and the process for creating the seat covers were evaluated for improvement. Fairway prototypes its ideas and analyzes the outcome continuously until it has created a better product.

This process doesn’t end once the product is created. Fairway executes regular prototyping to ensure quality is maintained and any areas for improvement are not overlooked.

Fairway is able to cut steps out of the manufacturing process while making the most efficient use of the materials to increase the speed of getting the product from the manufacturing facility to the market.

The delicacy of Isringhausen’s products requires what a machine can never provide: the human touch. The highly skilled team at Fairway Products undergo extensive training with expert mentors to become experts in their skills. Because of this, Fairway’s sewers are some of the best in the industry. They are responsible for executing the unique stitches that provide unmatched durability and precision for the semi-truck seat covers.

Fairway’s climate-controlled facility is critical in preserving the quality of raw materials and products, one of the many pieces it has in place in its facility to take care of the textiles properly.

Additionally, Isringhausen needed to store their inventory because there wasn’t enough space to keep it in-house. So along with developing new products, Fairway implemented its proven process for the supply chain management.

Fairway Products has been able to expertly deliver on its promise to Isringhausen to manage supplies and meet the product lead times with ease.


Fairway has provided Isringhausen with outstanding product development through its proven processes to help them design better-fitting seats with a more efficient manufacturing process.

Isringhausen now has a manufacturing partner capable of providing products as needed, with the flexibility to handle changes in supply delivery on a week-by-week basis.

Isringhausen is providing its customers with better seat covers, and its customers and competitors have taken notice. It can count on Fairway products to help it put its best foot forward all the time.


Whether you have a fully-fledged product idea, an existing prototype you want to improve, or simply an idea sketched on your dinner napkin, Fairway Products is here to help you realize that dream, and transform it into a reality.

Reduce your soft goods manufacturing costs and improve your production timelines, call Fairway today for a FREE process engineering consultation.

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