Traditional Fabrics

Traditional Fabrics


Acme Mills has a vast range of Tricot, Mesh, Nettings and Spacer Fabrics and Circular Knit Fabrics for all of your needs.

Non-Woven & Spun Bond

Our full range of point Bonded and Flat Bonded non-woven fabrics are available in Nylon, Polyester and Blends to meet whatever application you have, such as backings, substrates, veiling fabrics, production aids, etc.


We supply light and heavy weight 100% Polyester fabrics to multiple industries for many applications. These woven polyester’s can be dyed and flame resistant to meet your specifications.

Needle Punched

Acme Mills provides needled Polypropylene fabrics in many weights, styles, and colors.  Our products can be flame retarded to meet FMVSS 302 and ABD 0031. Typical applications are automotive interior trim, aviation and furniture.

Stitch Bond, Thermal Bond, Flat Bond & Point Bond

Produced from 100% Polyester in black, white and other colors, these fabrics can be flame resistant to meet your specification.

Hydro Entangled

This relatively new technology is particularly effective for its absorbency, sound deadening, fire retardance, heat resistance, anti-static, and several other features for automotive, furniture, industrial and medical applications.

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