Textile in Defence Applications

Defense Textiles
The Defense textile is grouped into two categories:
Textile used in Defense systems and weapons: Includes tents, shelters, parachutes, harness cords, composites and Tarpaulins.
Protective clothing and individual equipment: Includes ballistic protective vests and helmets, battle dress and uniform, chemical protective uniform, field packs, equipment belts, suspenders, mountain climbing ropes etc.

Tent Fabrics:
The fabrics should be resistant to dimensional changes under wet conditions
Mobility is an important criteria, should posses low weight. And there should be ease of erection plus deployment
It should offer environmental protection, chemical / biological infrared and radar avoidance techniques, should be waterproof
It should be rot and mild-dew resistant and non flammable

Material Requirements: Duck fabrics are made of 100% cotton with variety of fire, weather; water and mild-dew resistant treatment are used for tents. Synthetic and blended yarns are also used for tent fabrics.

Textile used in Parachute:
A Parachute is an apparatus used to protect or slow down the progress as a person or an object fall down or moves through air. It is mainly used by person dropped from airplane. It is also use for following purposes:

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