Accelerating Scalability Through Precision Cutting: The Seedsheets and Fairway Products Partnership

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When Seedsheets, a company that produces non-woven material embedded with seed pods, came to Fairway Products, they were struggling to keep up with demand and they needed to find an effective and efficient way to cut their materials. Using our sophisticated, high-efficiency cutting technology we are able to cut the materials quickly and with acute precision, resulting in the most minimal waste possible— all for a reasonable price that satisfies both parties.

Industry: Agriculture
Category: Production Optimization & Scalability
Processes: CNC Cutting, Steel Rule Die Cutting, High-Speed Pressing

A Classic Case of Supply Vs. Demand

Seedsheets is a company that produces environmentally friendly ready-to-go garden planting sheets. These sheets were composed of non-woven material embedded with seed pods that can be planted in the ground. The organic, non-woven material the sheets are composed of prevents weeds from growing while encouraging the desired plants to grow. However, the company needed a better and more efficient way to cut the unique materials.

When Seedsheets came to us, they were looking to expand their business in order to serve more customers. Their current process wasn’t efficient for scaling, and they were struggling to produce the cut sizes fast enough to keep up with the demand.

They had tried cutting the sheets in-house and were even using a small local cutting company to help, but these methods were quickly overwhelmed, and they needed a new solution fast, or they weren’t going to be able to keep up with demand, meaning frustrated customers who won’t be able to get their product in a reasonable time, and potentially an eventual decline in orders due to the backloaded service.

The Journey to Finding the Solution

First, we looked at our capacity to take on the project (as we never agree to a project if we’re not 100% sure we can do it) and our ability to meet the customer’s inventory demands. We also discussed the need for adding personnel or new equipment, if necessary, to help out with the amount of product our client needed us to supply in order to meet their needs.

We looked at our client’s design/cut programs they were currently using for their product. We assessed the pros and cons, identified places for improvement, and went to the drawing board to come up with a better product and more efficient process.


After review, we felt that the most economical solution for our client was to process the larger profiles using our CNC cutting equipment. We also looked at their smaller profiles and determined these would best be cut using a steel rule die on a high-speed press.

We were able to find an affordable solution the client was happy with because, at Fairway Products, we’re committed to having the latest in equipment to serve our customers’ needs. In this case, our modern CNC cutter offered the best technology for providing accurate, timely cuts to our client.

“Fairway products has quite literally saved our company during Covid-19. They are more than a service, they are an extension of our production team, and they have helped us scale during the most insane business landscape in modern history. We were facing the unique challenge of increased customer demand combined with a limited available workforce to produce our units, and Fairway stepped up in a huge way to scale our output and satisfy the unprecedented demand. Their team is whip-smart, immensely creative, and brought new ideas and solutions to our product which has helped increase output and minimize material waste. I cannot recommend them enough!”

— Cam MacKugler Founder|CEO Seedsheet

Seedsheets is thrilled with our ability to deliver products on time and at a price that makes sense for their fast-growing business model. They continue to expand, and they continue to rely on the experts here at Fairway Products to help them achieve their goals and their success.

By supplying accurate cuts on time and on budget, Fairway Product has allowed Seedsheets to increase their customer base and continue their mission to provide more people the option to grow their own produce with Seedsheets and to be in charge of their own food supply.


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