Rooting Fabrics


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PlugEase Rooting Fabrics is a plug production substrate produced in the USA under strict ISO quality standards. PlugEase preserves the delicate plant mix by enhancing aeration, porosity and drainage – essential elements for high production greenhouses and farm environments. Air and water content of the plant mix is consistently sustained with the PlugEase substrate.

All “PlugEase Rooting Fabrics” Sizes Available

Description Specifications
Standard Sizes 22mm-450mm
Roll Diameter 18.0” – 18.250” (460mm)
Roll Length 1,200/1,540 yds (1,097/1,400m)
Core Size 2-3/4” (70mm)
Color Brown
Application Temperature 120°C
Antimicrobial Yes

*Custom sizes available. Shipped stacked on pallet.

When ordering specify:

  • Plug Size
  • Substrate Width
  • Size and Quantity of Rolls
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